India Diary - 2 October 2001

Parental comfort zone

This will enable me to write about some of the not so nice things, without worrying the folks back home. It works like this, I'll remove any anxiety, possible worry or suspence by writing the outcome here.
Please skip this section if you think that you can handle the pressure, or simply don't care what happens to me anyway!

  • I don't have Maleria
  • I'm fully recovered from the heat-stroke

I felt bl**dy awful just before and during the party. I didn't eat anything, but still spent an enjoyable evening laying back and listening to the music. Basically I'd gotten myself a touch of heat stroke. As an asside, I don't know how I do it, but I get heat stroke in every damn hot country I go to. Never at the start mind, normally some time in, and only ever once. What's going on? Really, I've had enough now! Anyway, where was I... So I slept and drank water all day today to try and get meself sorted.

In addition to just feeling a bit poo, I felt achy, had a temperature and had chills. Now my guide book says that if ya get get fever a week or so after entering a malarial region, get a test, so I will...

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 4/10/01