India Diary - 13 September 2001

Urgh, Indian buses.

Oh yes, and I went to the Taj Mahal ($20) & Agra Fort ($10). Yep, very impressive, but, well how can I put this, cost breeds expectations, i.e. If I pay world class prices to visit somewhere, I expect world class service... You won't get this at the Taj.

Someone is making an obscene amount of money out of that place. $20 buys around 10 000 rupees (entrance is currently 970 rps.) and a skilled stonemason costs 250 rps/day, so I personally paid for four guys to help with the restoration work. If each tourist pays for four skilled workmen, where where they all? and why were sections of the Taj closed for part of the day (yeah, coincided with when I went!). The "Well, you've got to go to the Taj, haven't you?", question will begin to become more that. Already other local attractions like the Fort and Fatipor Sikri are beginning to suffer with reduced numbers of tourists.

Off the soapbox, piccies...

Taj 1 Taj 3 Taj 4 Taj 5 Taj 6 Taj 6 Taj 6 Taj 7 Red fort

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 13/9/01