India Diary - 11 September 2001

Chandra Pal and I went site seeing today. Jaipur is a polluted city, worse than Delhi, but it has some very beautiful things to look at:

Jantar Mantar
Jantar Mantar - Astronoical park, the 'sculptures' were used to study the stars back in 1728
City Palace - Pink City, different - honest! City Palace - Pink City, different - honest!The city palace - you can see why they call it the pink city!
Kanak Bag Kanak Bag - a great place to get away from the maddening crowds!
Jahal Mahal - a palace in a lake!
Amber Fort - Wonderful views of the area.
Mindwan Gardens - with a statue of Krishna saving the world from the serpent of pollution... Better luck next time in this city!
Hawa Mohul - a very impressive facade of a temple.
Bilar Temple Bilar Temple - Go see it, it's beautiful. For god's sake make a donation as well
(they don't even charge for entry!)
Dadika Patak - home!

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 12/9/01