India Diary - 05 September 2001

Well, I'm off. I know that I have a bed for the night (I get in at 11:30 at night), but the rest I'm going to have to wing as I go!

I know that I'm going to have some major problems connecting to the sad-net in India, so please bear with me, these updates and my emails are likely to be rather sporadic for a while...

Ever wondered what 16 000 rupees looks like?

I was very lucky when I arrived in India. I got chatting with a lady who was staying in a hotel just across the street from mine and offered to share her taxi with me into town. She'd been to India several times before and spoke fluent Hindi. Somebody was definitely looking out for me when I landed. Getting to where you want to go, if you've not been to India before can be more of a miss than a hit-and-miss experience.
Check out my arriving in India guide for some essential information and advice.

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 5/9/01