India Diary - 4 September 2001

Food is a strange old thing. What I mean is the impressions people make about it and other people based upon it. For example, when I was in Israel everybody berated British food. It wasn't just the Israelis either. Slagging off the food from the UK seems to be an international pastime, as the other volunteers at the kibbutz where more than happy to put their two-pennies worth in as well. I suppose to a certain extent they're right. But I was trying to defend the UK by saying things have changed, organic produce for example is as easy, if not easier to get in the UK now than probably anywhere else... Still, it's a hard fight!

The reason for my ramblings is that I'm worried about the food in India. Having eaten the (excellent but) some what under-spiced food in Israel for almost three months, to have a curry in the UK was a shock to the system. So I'm a little concerned as to what the real thing's gonna do!

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 5/9/01