India Diary - 29 October 2001

Another beach, this time filled with very rich Indians. The dive was poo - I couldn't see more than maybe one metre in front of me and...

Parental comfort zone

I didn't drown! regulator (bit you breath through) broke on my second dive, which was interesting to say the least. The best way to describe what happened was to imagine if you will standing under the shower with your head back and your mouth open trying to breath in through your mouth while the water's on full - try it, it's a bit tricky! After three breaths of this air/water soup I decided that I'd had quite enough and grabbed my buddy's (dive partner) regulator. It was all good experience, but not particularly fun at the time!

Another beach

I was gonna spend a couple of days in Bogmala, but I didn't like it, so I've come to Benaulim instead. I don't know what the place is like as it's dark here now, but there a whole bucket load of mosquitoes around (minus about 5 dead ones that used to fly around my room). I'll have an ickle look about tomorrow...

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 29/10/01