India Diary - 24 October 2001

The next beach along is called Om beach (it's the same shape as the symbol for the god Om). Not bad eh?

my beach - Kudle

ohm beach

me, om, cows


I made it as far as the third beach, Half Moon which was virtually deserted - a couple of hippies and that was about it!

That was enough work for one day though, these beaches are about half an hour from each other hiking over the headlands and cliffs (helps to put off all but the most determined!). Om beach is suprisingly busy though as the local villagers do a brisk trade ferrying the tourists down there. There's also more in the way of facilities here, so if you like your life basic (and I mean no running water, toilets and limited range of food - at the time of writing anyway), but almost completely empty of people, then head for the first beach south of the town.

One night sleeping on a rough concrete floor was enough for me though, 4 star hotel for me tonight before catching the bus up to Palolem (where I was supposed to be in the first place!)

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 24/10/01