India Diary - 18 October 2001

Today, I'm going to see how Kulfi is made. I'm also going to check out how my taylor is getting on with my suit! I got a few Chinese coller shirts made up in Jaisalmer (these are the ones with a small straight coller that doesn't fold down) and I really wanted a suit that would go with them. Ahmedabad is the centre of the textile business and has excellent material and tailoring and the prices make it almost a crime not to get something made up while you're here! So I popped into a place yesterday and asked them to knock me up a made-to-measure suit and a couple more shirts. I'm going in this evening for the fitting. If I remember, I'll try and get some pictures taken, and you can let me know what you think.

Doh, forgot to take a picture - next time! Still, it looks damn good. You'll have to take my word for it until I get my backside in gear and get a photo taken. I've asked them to put a extra room in the waist of the trousers as I've lost quite a lot of weight since leaving the UK (almost 2" to be exact - they made the trousers with a 30" waist, and I normally wear 31-32").

The kulfi wallah was really friendly, and even wrote out the recipe for me. We were even given a free sample!

Dipak had a spot of bother with his two wheeler (scooter) so we took it to our friendly local two wheeler wallah to get it fixed. The shot guy is Amin - he's got a wicked sense of humour!

Scooter Wallahs at work

Went to a spot on restaurant this evening called Mehfil (Opp. Jaydeep Tower, Near Shreyas railway crossing for those of you in town). It serves really very good Punjabi food, and it's not too hot either. In fact, there are loads of really great restaurants in town, you can get virtually anything that you want to eat here. There's even an Italian (Little Italy) that's just (October 2001) opened up - I haven't eaten there yet, but the menu makes the place look excellent. I've also eaten at 'The Colour of Spice' which I can recommend. Finally, 'Agashiye' serves wonderful thali in the poshest athmosphere imaginable - head there if you really want to feel pampered and special!

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 18/10/01