India Diary - 8 October 2001

I went sightseeing with Neil and Andrey today. Udaipur is a really beautiful city. A very romantic place with palaces, views, and lakes where Jaisalmer has sand!

We saw the Indo-Aryan Jagdish Temple (great carvings), the Saheliyon ki Bari (Garden of the Maids of Honour) where it is reputed that the maids used to cavort and get up to all sorts of mischief, but there didn't seem to be any of that in evidence when I went. We also visited Nehru Park which is in the middle of Fateh Sagar lake (with its boat shaped 'cafe'), it's a nice enough place, but just very overgrown, and a bit tatty round the edges - a bit like most of India really. I don't suppose that the analogy is often drawn, but you could liken the place to Bagpuss quite easily. They're definitely both past their prime, but you can easily see, both how splendid they used to be and how great they could be again, if only someone were willing to invest a bit of TLC / cash and effort. Despite this, both things are also eminently lovable, just as they are.

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 10/10/01